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Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use Nu Squared Vision Therapy EMR.

Does Nu Squared Vision Therapy EMR replace my current EMR software?

Nu Squared Vision Therapy EMR can be used as stand-alone software for vision therapy offices. For optometry offices providing primary care services along with vision therapy services, Nu Squared can be used alongside your optometry EMR software to perform and record vision therapy sessions and generate evaluation reports.

If I use techniques not in Nu Squared Vision Therapy EMR, can I add the techniques and use them when performing vision therapy sessions in Nu Squared?

Yes. Nu Squared Vision Therapy EMR allows you to add your own techniques, as well as the questions asked for the techniques. The techniques are added using the "VT Setup" feature, which allows you to add or modify techniques, questions, and approaches to be used during your vision therapy sessions.

Is Nu Squared Vision Therapy EMR a tool for training vision therapists?

Nu Squared Vision Therapy EMR is not intended as a tool for training vision therapists. It does use techniques with associated questions, which provides for consistent recording of vision therapy session results by therapists. The technique questions can also be used as a reminder of the important observations that should be recorded during the vision therapy session.

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What are the software requirements to run Nu Squared Vision Therapy EMR?

Nu Squared Vision Therapy EMR is Mac and PC compatible. You will need to install Adobe Reader and Microsoft Silverlight to use Nu Squared.