New Pricing for Nu Vision VT

Nu Squared has made the purchasing process easier by simplifying the plan options for our Nu Vision VT software. Now with only two pricing plans it easier for offices to know which plan is right for them. As always, updates to Nu Vision VT are included at no additional fee so your software will always be up to date with the newest Nu Vision VT features. Click here to view our new pricing plans. Request a Demo today and see if Nu Vision VT is right for your office.

Nu Squared introducing new features at the NORA conference

Nu Squared will be introducing two new features for the Nu Vision VT software at the NORA conference April 20-22 in Memphis, TN. iPad/Tablet App: Our new app will allow offices to use our Nu Vision VT software to perform vision therapy sessions on an Ipad or tablet which provides more mobility and flexibility during vision therapy sessions.

Appointment Scheduler: Our new scheduler feature will allow offices to schedule recurring appointments for vision therapy patients as well as scheduling for multiple doctors and therapists.

Stop by our booth at the NORA conference for more details or contact us at