What's Your New Year's VT Resolution?

The beginning of the new year marks another milestone for most of us—a New Year’s resolution! We all use this tradition as a reason, motivation, and sometimes an excuse to make a change in our lives.

So what’s your New Year's VT resolution? Is it to increase practice revenue, buy new equipment for the office, or implement a new office policy?

If you’re still deciding on a New Year’s resolution, get creative and have fun by exploring some different ideas, including getting your office staff involved.

At your next office meeting, have all the staff write down their ideas for an office New Year’s resolution and put all the suggestions in a bowl. Go through all the suggestions and have fun choosing what’s best for your office.

Once the New Year’s resolution or resolutions have been picked, remember to think through the ease of implementation. The easier it is to incorporate, the more likely you’ll stick with it! Good luck and have fun this new year!

From all of us at Nu Squared, we wish you a Happy New Year!