How Nu Squared VT EMR helps improve your practice

Most people know that Nu Squared VT EMR helps offices record vision therapy sessions electronically and efficiently create evaluation reports.  Nu Squared VT EMR also allows offices to track important patient information that helps improve their practice management.  Here are some examples:

·        Patient Status:  Assign a “Status” for each patient that allows offices to track where patients are at in their vision therapy program.  Offices can customize their own “Status” list.

·        Referral Network:  Track optometrist and non-optometrist patient referrals to your office and use your referral list to send out professional correspondence.

·        VT End Date Report:  See how many sessions patients have remaining before they are expected to complete their vision therapy program and if a progress evaluation has been scheduled.

·        Appointments by Categories:  Track the types of appointments over a given time period to see how many new evaluations, new VT starts, and final progress evaluations to manage your patient flow.  Offices can customize their own Appointment Categories list.


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