Going Mobile in Your VT Room

So, you want your VT room to GO FROM THIS…


Let the Nu Squared team help make it happen!   

Nu Squared VT EMR offers the flexibility needed to record session notes during a vision therapy session using an iPad/tablet. Using our Mobile/iPad feature, therapists can easily program techniques and record patient performance during in-office VT sessions.   

Nu Squared VT EMR uses simple questions that allow therapists to quickly record session results. This means session notes can be recorded during a VT session without compromising patient care. Also, therapists using Nu Squared VT EMR will record the same results for each technique, providing consistent session notes for every patient.   

Check out how the Nu Squared VT EMR Mobile/iPad feature works in the VT room: 

  • PROGRAM SESSIONS: Easily program sessions by selecting a technique and pairing it with an approach.  
  • RECORD SESSIONS:  Record sessions notes electronically. There are no more charts to store or carry.  


Upcoming Events

Want to learn more about it in person? We’ll be at the COVD 2017 Annual Meeting, April 25-29, in Jacksonville, Florida.