Dr. Nadira Shadeed, OD, FCOVD and Nu Squared featured by Georgia Optometric Assoc

Dr. Tasman Continues His 50 In 50 With A Visit To Dr. Nadira Shadeed Dr. Tasman continued his 50 in 50 with a visit to Dr. Nadira Shadeed, OD, FCOVD. Dr. Shadeed graduated from Southern College of Optometry and started the Pediatric Vision Development Center of Gwinnett in 2008. She decided to focus her practice on vision therapy but was not able to find an electronic health records software that met the needs of her vision therapy exclusive practice. That's when Dr. Shadeed and her husband, Joe Rouw, OD, FAAO, decided to make their own. They teamed up with a software development company and created a company called Nu Squared. Nu Squared has now developed their software called Nu Vision VT. www.nusquared.com

Nu Vision VT is designed for offices that perform vision therapy and allows them to perform and record vision therapy sessions and vision therapy testing. They have even developed an iPad app that allows offices to record their results during vision therapy sessions on an iPad. This has allowed Dr. Shadeed to stay mobile during her vision therapy sessions while still going paperless.

Nu Squared debuted their Nu Vision VT software last fall at the COVD meeting with great interest from doctors and therapists and saw an even greater interest at this year's COVD meeting in October.