Consistency In Recording VT Sessions

Having a Vision Therapy-exclusive practice, we are very aware of the challenges of recording a VT session consistently. There is a common struggle when recording VT performance during a session—focusing time on the patient vs. recording the session results.

When using paper charts, I remember sessions where I had just enough time to write, “Did well.” But that type of recording didn’t provide the necessary patient performance and observation information that needed to be shared with others who worked with the patient.

Dr. Rouw and I sat down and thought about a few questions:

  1. When there are multiple therapists seeing patients, how can each therapist/doctor keep track of the same questions for every technique?
  2. When there is a new therapist/doctor administering vision therapy sessions, how can we help them remember all the questions to ask and record for the patient’s performance?
  3. How can we record and view all this information without carrying a notebook for each patient in the VT room?
  4. How can we make our VT session efficient, easy, and modern?

After exploring these questions, we created the idea of Nu Squared VT EMR mobile. And now we utilize Nu Squared VT EMR mobile to manage all of our patient sessions. 

If you haven’t already requested a demo, check it out and see if this recording method will work for you and your office. It's free to try!