Add Movement in Your VT Room

If we think about movement, we know we should all have more of it in our day. As vision therapy practices, we see many kids after a full day of school. They spend most of the day sitting, and once school is out, after-school activities such as tutoring, sports, and other therapies require movement.

While we do work at the table during therapy sessions, we definitely like to get kids up and moving.  Adding movement to vision therapy is not only important to “wake up” kids, but it also creates whole body involvement.

The integration of the eyes with balance and movement is critical and something we encourage as we transfer each visual skill into a real-life setting.

Typically, when we program a vision therapy session, we include movement in at least half of the therapy techniques. These techniques includes: walking rail techniques, bilateral body movements, jumping jacks, heel-to-toe walking, bean bag toss while on a balance board, and walking while reading hart charts. 

We notice that when we add movement, kids' personalities brighten and the energy illuminates. It’s really amazing to see! If you have a practice and have the space for movement, we definitely recommend incorporating movement into your vision therapy sessions.