5 Steps to Going Paperless in Your Vision Therapy Practice

By now we have all become familiar with electronic medical record (EMR) softwares and their use in optometry offices. 

Most optometry EMR softwares are geared toward primary care practices. But what if you provide specialty services like vision therapy? 

Here’s how to go paperless in your vision therapy practice in 5 steps:

  1. DECIDE on an EMR (or EMRs) that works for you – For vision therapy exclusive practices, a vision therapy dedicated EMR software like Nu Squared may meet all of your patient and practice management needs. For primary care optometry practices, a primary care optometry EMR may not allow you to best manage the needs of your vision therapy practice. Pairing Nu Squared with your primary care EMR may be the best solution.   
  2. DISCUSS with staff – Going paperless is a big decision and all staff members need to be on board. Some staff members may not be as willing to welcome the change. Make sure all staff members understand this is the best decision for the practice and that any concerns they have will be addressed.
  3. COMMIT to make the change – Once you've found the EMR that works for your office, make that commitment to go paperless by setting a definitive “start” date. That allows all office staff to know when they are expected to be ready for implementing the EMR.
  4. IMPLEMENT your new EMR – As with any change, it will take time and there will be some bumps along the road. Involve all staff in training sessions so everyone feels like a part of the process. Going paperless can have its challenges so continue to remind yourself of the reasons you made your decision and keep moving forward.
  5. ENJOY – You've done all the hard work, and now it’s time to enjoy it! Have fun with your new EMR and share the new technological upgrade with your patients who will appreciate your efforts to provide the best care possible.